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Diane McAndrew Joins Us As Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Photo of Diane McAndrewWe are pleased to announce that Diane McAndrew has been hired to fill the new position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing. McAndrew is the former director of marketing for WestGate Mall in Spartanburg and a long-time sales and marketing professional.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with the team at Roebuck Advertising,” said McAndrew. “Marketing today is a challenge, especially for small to medium-size companies. You have to have sharp communication skills in order to reach out to the many publics you serve. And technology, as it relates to marketing, changes faster than most businesses can keep up. As an example, a few years ago, Quick Response (QR) codes did not even exist. Today, a QR code should be an option for every promotional piece a business produces. But just putting out the message isn’t very effective, unless it coordinates with your overall marketing strategy. Does it make sense to put a QR code on a note pad, brochure or t-shirt, if that code directs potential customers to a website that is not mobile optimized? At Roebuck Advertising, we can help you identify and understand the tools that are available to effectively communicate your message to customers, vendors and employees.”

“We are very excited about bringing Diane on board,” said company president Steve Harvey. “She has the marketing skills and experience we were looking for to expand our services to present and future clients.”

The Influence of Promotional Products
on Consumer Behavior

A new PPAI* study done in November 2012 shows that promotional products have a high reach and potential for top-of-mind recall and are an excellent medium to increase and sustain brand awareness. These products are often present and used in consumers’ daily lives. If you've wondered whether buying promotional products is worth it, then check out the key findings of this study below.

Recall of Promotional Products
• Seven in 10 consumers recalled receiving at least one promotional product in the past 12 months.
• 88% recalled the advertiser from a product received in the past 12 months.
• The most often recalled promotional product categories include:
          • Wearables (41%): Including Shirts (22%), Caps/Headwear (11%),           Outerwear(6%) Other Wearables (2%)
          • Writing Instruments (35%)
          • Drinkware (19%)

Usage of Promotional Products
• Eight in 10 consumers own between one and 10 promotional products, six in 10 keep them for up to two years, and about half (53%) use a promo item at least once a week or more often
• The main reason for keeping a promotional product is usefulness. Ranking higher in usefulness are Computer Products (100%), Health & Safety Products (100%), and Writing Instruments (91%)
• When it comes to frequency of use, Calendars/Planners (85%), Computer Products (85%) and Electronic Devices & Accessories (82%), take the top 3 spots
• Most promotional products are kept at home (54%) or on the person (24%). Only one in 5 trashes non-wanted promotional products.

Relationship with Advertiser & Business Impact
• Nearly six in 10 consumers received promotional products from a business establishment or at trade shows, conferences or conventions.
• Most consumers (88%) were familiar with the advertiser before receiving promotional items. Advertisers were able to cause the most favorable impression among consumers who were familiar with them. However, regardless of awareness, promotional products had a positive impact on impressions about the advertisers.
• Before receiving the promotional products, about half of the consumers had done business with the advertiser (55%). After receiving the promotional products, 85% did business with the advertiser.
• Advertisers were also able to increase their business even among those who hadn’t done any business with them before (11%).

The Result
By providing useful promotional products that can be integrated in consumers’ lives in an organic way, advertisers can increase their reach and potential for creating and maintaining brand awareness. Promotional products should be thought of as “gifts for family and friends” to extend their relevancy beyond target users to facilitate passing them to others and thus increasing their reach. And when deciding on what products to use, choose the top categories above should allow you to receive the most bang for your buck.
*Source: © 2012 Promotional Products Association International. All rights reserved.

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What Some of Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"The shirts came in and they look perfect! Thank you for your help getting these in so quickly and please tell Lisa thank you for her help as well!"

"Received the note pads with the sticky notes and flags today. Look really great! Thanks for coming through for us and finding something within our price range on such short notice."

Yes, David did receive his shirts!!! Thank you so much! They look awesome!! You guys are way better than [another distributor]!!! & tell Steve I said so!”

"We want to say “Thank you!” to both you and Michelle for making sure that we received our buttons in time for the press conference this morning! It was an oversight on our behalf in not realizing that our Shipping and Receiving Department would actually be shut down on Friday. Needless to say, you got our product to us in time and we very much appreciate your efforts! Thank You!!!"

“Thanx--my clients love the pens! :) ”

"We received our new (mouse) pads. They are perfect - Thank you!"

“Just a note to let you know I received the golf balls and koozies last Thursday, well ahead of the deadline. Thank you, very much! I look forward to working with you again, down the road.”


74% of people have a promotional product in their workspace.

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Promotional Items with the WOW Factor

The Uni-ball Deluxe pen is very popular because of its great looks and smooth writing capability. Our clients who have distributed this pen receive a lot of positive feedback from their recipients because of these features, but this isn't just another pen.

Photo of Uni-Ball Deluxe pens

Pigmented Inks Help Prevent Check Fraud

Check washing is a common form of fraud. Criminals get their hands on checks that have been filled out, and run them through a chemical wash to remove the ink. This allows them to fill the check out for a different amount (usually much larger) and forge the owner's name. Pigmented inks, like those used in many Uni-Ball pens, bond with the paper making it difficult, if not impossible, to wash off without destroying the paper.

Promote your business and protect your customers at the same time. This valuable feature is one more reason for them to carry your pen, and your logo, with them all the time. Available in fine or micro-fine point, blue or black ink. Order as few as 200 pieces for only $2.34 each. Click here for more information, or give us a call.

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